Change things up a bit by playing a video clip in the middle of your broadcast or add an intro/outro video before and after your livestream airs. The use cases are endless.

Sharing a video upload allows you (the host) to upload short video clips. The videos are stored in Melon’s cloud and you can use them at any time during your livestream.

How do you upload videos?


Select a video from your computer or device (.mp4 and .webm accepted). File size:

For Pro users - up to 300mb per upload

For Standard users - up to 150mb per upload

After your media is uploaded, it will always be stored in Video Clips.

clip grid

To play a video during the stream just click on it!


Is media upload free?

We will have built-in countdown intro & outro presets available for free users. Custom media uploads are included in a Standard or Pro plan.

Do I have to upload a new file each time I broadcast?

Once you’ve uploaded a media file it will be stored in Melon’s cloud. Unless you want to use a different clip, you do not have to re-upload the files.

Can guests upload media files?

Only the host can upload files.