Welcome to our new Melon Studio! We took all your feedback into serious consideration and upgraded the Studio look so that you can access all your favorite design elements even faster. Let's dive into the changes together!


We kept Chat and Schedule buttons at the very top for easy access:


We kept the most popular design elements. Set your own Logo, Background, and Overlay under the Design tab:


Colors, fonts, and themes are now under the Styles tab:

We now unify one color for all text, banners, tickers, highlighted chat messages, and name tags. If you previously saved profiles with multiple colors, they will stay the same (unless you decide to change the settings) - it only applies to Design Profiles already created.


Banners, Tickers, and Teleprompters are displayed in the Text tab:


You will find video clips, intros & outros, and Green Screen in your Video tab:


Participant and Livestream settings will be in your Settings tab + we added rounded camera feeds here - you can apply them to any style now!


Widgets, Cloudbot, and Twitter notifications will stay in your Apps tab:

We would like to hear from you! Let us know what you think about the new studio design at [email protected]. Happy streaming and recording!

The Melon Team 🍉