Participant/Livestream settings offer unique attributes when your guests accept, join, and interact on your Livestream.

1. Press Settings on your studio. (Shift+G)

My name - Change your on-screen name.
My Stream Avatar - Display an image if your camera is turned off or you have selected the Video Input: No Video.

Show Names - Show your participants’ names on-screen
Audio Status - Show your participants’ audio status on-screen e.g. Mute
Audio Warning - Warn your users if we detect they might be talking while on mute
TTS on join - Announce via audio when a guest joins your stream
Speaker Indicators - Show a visual indicator when a speaker is talking
Display Quality Indicators - real-time indicators for quality network connection. Visible to all guests and never shown to viewers
Show screen share to self - Turn this off to avoid 'hall of mirrors' effect during screen sharing
Name at the bottom - Display ‘My Name’ at the bottom of the screen
Toggle rounded corners - Round the corners of each video feed on your stream