There’s always going to be a time when your viewers are not able to catch a live broadcast of yours.

Repurpose your livestream by recording and uploading it while your viewers catch up on your broadcasts at a later time.

Melon offers two methods of recording:

1. Record without going live. Press the Record button to instantly start a video as a private call between you and a guest. Choose to use your recording at a later time.


2. Record your livestream. Press the Menu button and navigate to Settings. Select the Record option under Output. Now when you go live, your stream will automatically start recording.


How do I access and download my recordings?

To access your recordings, click your Profile icon > Settings > Broadcasts & Recordings.

We will only save the most recent 15 broadcasts on the cloud for 15 days (Standard Plan) or 30 days (Pro Plan). Anything older will be automatically removed. Please ensure to download your recordings through an external hard drive for safekeeping purposes before your recordings are removed.

How do I change where my downloads go on my computer?

  1. Copy and paste chrome://settings/downloads into your Google Chrome browser address bar.
  2. Toggle On the option to 'Ask where to save each file before downloading' and click Change.
record download

Is stream recording available to free users?

Recording is a Melon Pro or Standard feature.

What’s the longest duration we can record for?

  • Up to 10 hours per stream for Pro users
  • Up to 4 hours per stream for Standard users

Is there a file size limit for recording?

No file size limit, just one for duration of the recording:

  • 4 hours per recording for Standard users
  • 10 hours per recording for Pro users

Is the stream recording in 1080p or 720p?

Your recording depends on the resolution of your livestream. So if you're a Pro user and streaming at 1080p then your stream recording will be at 1080p as well. To check your resolution is set to 1080p, click the up-arrow next to your Stop Video icon.