Melon offers you two (2) record options.

Record vs. Local Recording

  • Record is your general stream recording option. Audio-only file available.
  • Local Recording will boost overall quality and separate video and audio tracks per participant. (* not supported on mobile devices)
We will only save your most recent 15 recordings for 15-days (Standard) or 30-days (Pro). To prevent loss of broadcasts & recordings, please store your downloads through an external hard drive for safekeeping purposes.
Hosts - if you decide to local record, please ensure your guests are not joining your stream through a mobile device since we do not support local recording on mobile devices. 
If Local Recording is enabled, please ask your Guests to press Leave in order to ping our servers that their part of the stream has ended. If they close their browser window instead, their stream will stay on air. 

1.  From your studio, press Settings.

2. Under Output enable the option to Record/Local Recording.

3. By enabling either record option, your Go Live button will be displayed as:

4. By disabling either record option, your Go Live button will be displayed as:

Find Your Recordings After Livestreaming

1. Click your Account icon and then click Settings.

2. Click Broadcasts & Recordings from your menu page.

*To prevent loss of broadcasts & recordings, it's recommended that you store your downloads on an external hard drive for safekeeping.

The most recent 15 broadcasts will be saved on the cloud for a limited time. If you have surpassed the days that your recordings are saved, Melon will not be able to retrieve older recordings.  

  • Recordings will be saved for 15 days for Standard users
  • Recordings will be saved for 30 days for Pro users

How To End Your Stream When Recording

Hosts - When choosing to record or local record, please press End Stream on your studio to ping our servers that you’re done with the show.

Guests - When your part of the stream has ended, to stop your broadcast please press Leave to ping our servers that your part of the stream is over.

*Closing your browser only will result in a continuous live broadcast. 

Guest Support

  • If Guests change video/audio settings while they're live, the recording file will stop and a new file will be created with any changes made as a separate file.
  • Hosts - Since local recording does not support mobile devices, please inform your guests ahead of time if applicable.
  • A new recording file will start if your guest is removed from the stream and added back.
  • If your recording is interrupted within the first 10-15 seconds of your live stream, it will not be uploaded due to server requirements. (file size less than 5Mb)

If Local Recording has been enabled, a notification will be displayed after you have ended your stream. Please keep the window open until are prompted that your local recording has been completed:

Change Where Your Downloads Are Stored

If you would like to change the location of where your recordings are downloaded on your machine, open a blank browser window and type in "chrome://settings/downloads". Then click Change from the Location field.

*Copy and paste chrome://settings/downloads into a new browser window.

Is the stream recording in 1080p or 720p?

To check your resolution before you live stream, you can click the up-arrow next to your Stop Video button.