Repurpose your live stream by recording it, streaming it later, or editing your recording in post.

Record up to 4 hours per stream (Standard) or up to 10 hours (Pro).

Record right away without going live. Press the Record button to instantly start a recording with you and a guest.

Melon offers two (2) Record options so that whenever you press Go Live, we'll save your broadcast to either Record or Local Record:

1. Press Menu. (Shift+M)

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 8.19.27 PM.png

2. Press Settings.

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 8.21.06 PM.png

4. Toggle on the option to - Record or Local Recording.

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 8.24.06 PM.png

Record vs. Local Recording

The Record option will save one file for both video/audio tracks for your entire stream whereas Local Recording will save the raw video/audio tracks separately per participant.

  • Record is your general stream recording option. Audio-only file available.
  • Local Recording will boost overall quality as well as separate video and audio tracks per participant.  (not supported on mobile devices)

How do I find my recordings after I stream?

Click your Account icon > Settings > Broadcasts & Recordings.

Melon storage will be limited but we will always store the most recent 15 broadcasts on the cloud for up to 15-days for Standard users and up to 30-days for Pro users. *Older recordings will automatically be removed, so to prevent any loss of broadcasts, it’s advised you purchase or store your broadcasts through an external hard drive for safekeeping.

Hosts - When choosing to record or local record, press End Stream to ping our servers that you’re done with the show.

Guests - To stop your broadcast and end your live stream, press Leave to ping our servers that your part of the stream is over. *Closing your browser only will result in a continued livestream broadcast.

Guest Support

  • If Guests change video/audio settings while their live, recording file will stop and a new file will be created with any changes made as a separate file.
  • If your guest is removed from the stream and added back to the stream, a new recording file will start.
  • If your recording is interrupted within the first 10-15 seconds of your live stream, it will not be uploaded due to server requirements. (file size less than 5Mb)

To change where your recordings are saved on your computer:

  1. Copy and paste chrome://settings/downloads into a new browser window.
  2. Toggle on the option to 'Ask where to save each file before downloading' and click Change.
record download

Is the stream recording in 1080p or 720p?

To check your resolution before you start a live stream, click the up-arrow next to your Stop Video icon. Your recording depends on the resolution you selected, as well as, the quality of your internet connection.