You can now schedule livestreams to LinkedIn Live directly from your Melon studio.

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Scheduling live streams is a great way to let your followers know that you will be streaming at a specific date and time.

With Melon, you can schedule livestreams to your LinkedIn Profile or Company page directly from Melon Studio. We are thrilled to partner with LinkedIn on this feature and to bring it to the Melon community.

How do you Schedule LinkedIn livestream?

1. From your Melon Studio

2. Click the Schedule icon

3. Pick from either a Livestream or a pre-recorded video for your scheduled stream and then select your LinkedIn Profile/Company as your Destination. Check out this guide if you're not already a verified broadcaster. You will need to apply first. Once you apply - you can connect your LinkedIn Live account within your Settings > Destinations page.

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4. Enter your scheduled stream title, description, thumbnail, and date & time.

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5. Share your scheduled stream link on your social channels. The displayed window confirming you've successfully scheduled a stream will provide you with a link to share.

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6. When it comes time for your scheduled stream, you must initiate the stream by pressing the Schedule icon and then Enter Studio. It is important to enter the specific scheduled event in order to start the stream by pressing Go Live.

If for any reason you are not ready to start your scheduled stream, simply click the Schedule icon to Leave Studio.

Can I edit my scheduled LinkedIn Live?

No. Editing is not available for Linkedin Live streams at this time.

Can I delete my LinkedIn live event?

  1. Yes, but you need to delete it from your LinkedIn Profile/Page first. Then you can delete the stream from your Melon Studio page.
  2. Check this guide from LinkedIn on how to delete a scheduled event. In short, you will need to go to LinkedIn, look for events on the left-hand side and then click Manage Event in order to delete the event.

Is there anything else I need to know about scheduling streams to LinkedIn live from Melon?

LinkedIn Live has a few unique restrictions as follows:

  • Not everyone can broadcast on LinkedIn. You must be a verified broadcaster. Apply here.
  • You can not edit a scheduled LinkedIn Live stream
  • To delete a scheduled LinkedIn stream - you must delete it on LinkedIn directly and then you can delete the scheduled stream from your Melon Studio.
  • You must schedule your Linkedin Live minimum to 15 minutes early and a maximum of 2 hours late

To learn more about LinkedIn live:

  • check out official tips from LinkedIn here.
  • or check out our blog on best practices for streaming on LinkedIn.