Scheduling your broadcast gives you and your guests ample time to plan for your stream and lets your viewers know when and where you’re streaming from ahead of time. Set a date for your broadcast, add a title and description, or a thumbnail for your broadcast.

  • Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn - Will create links to share your broadcast.
  • Twitter and Twitch - Will not create links to share your broadcast.

How do you schedule your broadcast with Melon?

1. Click the Schedule icon.


2. Select your streaming destination(s)

3. Choose a Date & Time for your broadcast, set the Title and Description, and include a Thumbnail. (optional)

4. You'll receive a pop-up display confirming your scheduled stream. Share your stream link with your community by copying the link.

5.  Once you're ready to start your scheduled stream, you'll want to press the Schedule icon and then interact with the scheduled stream of your choice by pressing Enter Studio. At this time you can start to send out your Guest Invite links before starting the stream.

How far ahead do I need to schedule my broadcast?

For Facebook and Linkedin streams, it's recommended to schedule 15 minutes ahead of time (minimum) and at most 7 days in advance. There are no constraints for other platforms.

What happens if I log into Melon and want to just go live and not interact with my scheduled event?

Just click Go Live and choose your destination to stream to. In order to interact with your scheduled event, you will need to press Enter Studio to initiate that schedule stream.

What platforms can you schedule broadcasts on?

Scheduling broadcasts are available for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch.

  • Scheduled Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn broadcasts will create an event that you can share with your community.
  • Scheduled Twitch and Twitter broadcasts the scheduled event will appear on Melon instead of a link that you would normally get when scheduling a broadcast on Facebook - Share an invite link to your live show guests to plan accordingly.

Can you set a custom thumbnail for scheduled broadcasts?

To upload a thumbnail image, please edit on the third step where you are asked to edit your stream information. (On Twitter and Twitch, there is no thumbnail needed.)


Can you go live sooner than the scheduled date/time?

You have the option to go live sooner by clicking the Schedule icon from your Melon Studio page. Select the broadcast you want to start sooner and then click Enter Studio to initiate that scheduled stream.

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How do I delete a scheduled broadcast?

Locate your broadcast by pressing Schedule from your Melon Studio and then clicking the 3-dot  icon found at the corner of each scheduled broadcast for the option to Delete.