Scheduling your broadcast gives you ample time to plan ahead and allows you to let your viewers know when and where you’ll be streaming. Below we'll cover:

  • Social Platforms Supported
  • Scheduling Your Stream
  • Start Your Scheduled Stream
  • Scheduling Parameters
  • Deleting Your Scheduled Stream

Social Platforms Supported

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch are available to schedule your stream.

  • Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn will create a link to share with your fanbase in advance.
  • Twitter and Twitch will not create a link to share with your fanbase in advance.

Schedule Your Stream

1. Click the Schedule icon. (Shift + J)


2. Select where you want to stream to.

3. Choose between a Live-stream or a Pre-recorded video.

4. Enter your scheduled stream details. (*Twitter and Twitch will not accept thumbnails exclusively.)

5. You'll receive a notification that your stream has successfully been scheduled. Additional links will be displayed to share with your community and/or guests.

*Do not delete your destinations at any point after scheduling your stream, which may result in the complete removal of your scheduled stream.

Start Your Scheduled Stream

1.  To start your stream, press the Schedule icon and press Enter Studio for the scheduled stream you wish to start. *Send your Guest Invitations after entering studio.

2. Click Go Live to start your scheduled stream.

Scheduling Parameters

Facebook and Linkedin - Schedule your stream 15 minutes in advance (minimum) and 7 days ahead of time at most.

When To Start Your Scheduled Stream

You can choose to go live sooner than the date you scheduled your stream. Click the Schedule icon from your Melon Studio, and press Enter Studio to enter the planned stream of your choice.

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Delete Your Scheduled Stream

  1. Press the Schedule icon and click the 3-dot icon beside the stream for the available option to Delete.

2. You can also choose to permanently delete the event that was created on the platform you chose to schedule to: