Scheduling your live stream gives you ample time to plan ahead and allows you to let your viewers know when and where you’ll be streaming. Below we'll cover:

  • Social Platforms Supported
  • Scheduling Your Stream
  • Scheduling Parameters
  • Starting Your Scheduled Stream
  • Deleting Your Scheduled Stream

Social Platforms Supported

*Custom RTMPs not supported for scheduling due to the nature of connection.

Scheduling Your Stream

Edits are not recommended after scheduling your stream. If edits are needed, please delete the scheduled stream and create a new one.

1. To start, click the Schedule icon. (Shift+J)

2. Then click + Schedule.

3. Select the destinations you would like to schedule.

4. Choose between a Live-stream or Pre-recorded video.

Prerecorded File Limit: 1h for Standard users or 2h for Pro users. (15gb)

5. Enter the scheduled stream title, description, date & time (50-day limit), and thumbnail.

6. A notification will be shown to confirm you scheduled successfully.

  • Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn will create a shareable link.
  • Twitter and Twitch will not create a shareable link since they are channel-based. As long as you receive the confirmation pop-up, your scheduled stream has been applied.
*After scheduling your stream, do not delete your destinations at any point, which may result in complete removal of your scheduled stream.

Scheduling Parameters

Schedule Your stream 50 days in advance per platform and a total of 30 streams on Melon.

10 max Facebook destinations, as well as, 10 max streams during a 24-hour time cycle for Linkedin destinations.

  • Facebook start time - Minimum 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • LinkedIn start time - Minimum 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
*If the date & time of your scheduled stream has already passed, you cannot start your scheduled stream. Delete it and create a new one since an expired date will not be recognized.

How To Add Events To Your Facebook Profile Wall

Facebook does not display your upcoming events on your profile wall. Instead:

  1. Go to your Event and click Share.
  2. Then click Share to Feed:

3. Select your Default audience:

To change your privacy settings for a Facebook Profile, please visit your Facebook Business Integrations page and click View and edit next to Melon (Streaming).

Start Your Scheduled Stream

If you have guests please send them an invite after you press the Enter Studio button:  

1. Click Schedule then click Enter Studio.

2. Your scheduled stream details will be displayed as a preview. Close the preview by pressing Got it.

At this point, you may send an invitation out to your guests. 

3. Press Go Live to start your scheduled stream.

4. If you are not ready, press the Schedule button again and Leave Studio.

Delete Your Scheduled Stream

  1. Press the Schedule icon then click the 3-dots at the top corner of your scheduled stream for the option to delete.

2. Toggle on the option to delete the created event as well as on the streaming platform/social destination.  

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