You or guests can screen share on Melon.  For hosts, please press 'Show on Stream' if guests are sharing their screen. You can share your:

  • Entire Screen
  • Window or Tab
  • Video (mp4)
  • Background Audio (mp3/wav)
Mobile devices not supported. 

Screenshare Setup (PC/Mac)

PC/Windows - Some share options may include a check box to Share System Audio. Please check if applicable before choosing to share screen.

Mac - Add your browser to your Screen Recording tab before choosing to go live through your System Preferences > Security & Privacy page.

Audio supported depending on the type of screen share and operating system (OS):

Operating SystemEntire ScreenApplication WindowBrowser Tab
(*Press the gear icon for additional Screen settings.)

When selecting a browser tab, make sure you enabled audio if you'd like to hear it on your stream:

Enable Mic When Screen Sharing

1.  To the left of your studio, you'll see a small preview of your camera feed plus any guest feeds or screen shares. Click the Spotlight icon next to your video to full screen without losing your mic audio in the process.

The Spotlight button keeps your mic on while full-screening your screen share. Click the spotlight icon from your left navbar per share to full screen without losing your mic audio. Double-click the window from your main canvas for the same effect.

2.  Click 'Show on Stream' per camera feed from your left navbar on Melon.

Double-click the screen you want to Spotlight or make full screen. 

3.  Double-click the window you want to full screen or press the Spotlight icon per camera feed from your main canvas.

Background Audio

Add a splash of ambiance to your stream by sharing music with your stream by clicking Share > Background Audio.  (mp3/wav accepted)

1. Locate your music player.

Your music player will be displayed on your left navbar after clicking Share > Background Audio.

2. Loop an audio track.

To repeat/loop one audio track, select one track from your computer files and the track will loop automatically.

3. Repeat/Shuffle a playlist

After selecting your files from your computer, you can choose to repeat or shuffle your Queue. 

* The amount of recorded music you’re allowed to stream may be limited. Please review safety/community standards by your preferred social media platform that may practice copyrighted music laws.