Screen sharing is an awesome way to add depth and content to your livestream. Below we'll cover how to share your screen with common features such as our Spotlight feature and/or adding music to your stream.

How do I share my screen?

Click Share from your Melon Studio. Choose to share your:

  • Screen (Screen, Application, or browser tab)
  • Video
  • Background Audio
share button

(Additional settings after pressing the gear icon next to the Screen option.)

additional settings

Who can screen share?

The host and the guest can screenshare. The host will need to add the guest’s screen share on their end. Please plan accordingly.

Is screen share compatible with PC and Mac?

For PC - all options are available. Some screen share options will include a check box for you to Share Audio.

For Mac -  Add your browser to your System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Screen Recording Settings page before starting a stream. If your computer is locked, unlock it, add your browser, then lock up again. (Browser refresh may be required.)

When sharing your screen, we provide audio support based on the operating system (OS) and the type of screen you’re sharing. See below for the breakdown.

Operating SystemEntire ScreenApplication WindowBrowser Tab

What does the Spotlight feature do?

Spotlight is essential when screensharing. Put the focus on your screenshare while still being able to speak through your mic when sharing.


How do you add background music?

Please ensure you are not using music that you do not own due to copyright as some social platforms will enforce this such as Facebook or YouTube.

From your Melon Studio, click Share and pick Background Audio. Select one or multiple tracks from your computer and click Open. You will see a small media player to the left of your studio. Click Queue to see your tracks in a playlist. (MP3 or WAV files accepted only)