Your social media accounts are defined as your destinations on Melon. All major platforms supported: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Destination Setup

1.  To locate your Destinations, click your Account icon then click Settings.

2.  Press Add Destination to sync your social media accounts to your Melon account.

For Facebook

*If you own multiple brands/pages per social media account, log out of the social platform before pressing Add Destination

Profile - Add your personal profile to your Destinations page since every Group or Page you own, will have your profile directly tied to them.

Group - Ensure your personal profile is marked as 'admin' from the Group's Members section. If your profile is not marked as admin, please contact the owner of the group to send you an invite.

Page - As long as you have Page Access, you can add a Page on Melon. Visit your homepage, click Manage and then go over your Page Access Settings.

Melon will support a maximum of 10 Facebook destinations per session.

When Melon (Streaming) requests your permission, please click "Choose what you allow" in order to go over your permissions for any Page or Group.

For YouTube

YouTube has two verification steps per channel you must complete before choosing to live stream. If you just created your YouTube account or channel, please visit the link below to verify your YouTube channel through SMS. (approximately 24 hours)

Once verified, you will then need to visit your YouTube Studio. Locate and click Create > Go-live > Right now > Built-in webcam. This is a crucial step to complete so that YouTube can verify your account is not spam.


Select the stream as an Unlisted so that your stream does not end up on your public channel. After 24 hours from the time that you streamed, you will have access to go live on YouTube from Melon anytime afterward.

For Custom RTMPs

A Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), allows you to stream to any other social platform that is not supported on Melon natively such as Instagram or Rumble. As long as you know the RTMP Ingest URL and Stream key and have those settings offered on the platform, you can set that up as a destination on Melon. (Telegram not supported)

1. From your Destinations page, click Add Destination then click Add Custom RTMP.

2. Enter a name for your new destination and enter your RTMP URL and Stream Key.

*Depending on the platform, your stream key may change per stream. Please contact the platform directly for these details.

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