Recommended Browsers: Latest version of Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi or Microsoft Edge (PC/Mac/Android), Safari (iOS). Please disable VPN Extensions if applicable.

Guests can:

  • Share screen
  • Mute microphone
  • Stop Video/Turn camera off

How To Accept a Guest Invitation

1. When prompted, please check that you allowed your browser to use your camera/microphone.

2.  Enter your name to show on-stream. Select proper Camera, Mic, and Speaker options.

Advanced Settings available for Echo Cancellation, Video Resolution, Mic Volume Adjust, or Stereo Audio.

3.  When selecting a camera option, choose to not show your camera using the No Video option. (Avatar upload optional)

How To End The Stream As A Guest

Press Leave so that our servers know your part of the stream is over.

*If you close your browser window instead, this will result in a continued livestreaming broadcast.

Mac User Setup

If you wish to screen share as a guest, you must add your browser to your Screen Recording tab by:

1. Open System Preferences > Privacy page. Click the + icon from your Screen Recording tab and add your browser. (Browser relaunch required)

We are always looking to add more guest features. If you would like us to include additional guest features, please send us your suggestions at, [email protected]. Thank you!

The Melon Team🍉