Got invited to join a stream? Check out our quick tutorial below for making your first guest appearance.

Is Melon free for guests?

Yes. You won't need to create an account or download anything to join a livestream.

What do I need to join a livestream as a Guest?

  1. A computer
  2. Internet connection (WiFi preferred)
  3. Internet Browser (recommendations below)
  4. Microphone and Camera
  5. VPN (if used) must be turned off. Especially, if your VPN is using WebRTC protection. VPNs added as a browser extension also include: Pure VPN, Express VPN, Nord VPN. Please disable it before joining a stream.

Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or latest version of Microsoft Edge (PC/Mac/Android), Safari (iOS)

In sum, video streaming will work best on stable internet connections and on faster, more powerful computers. We process everything in the cloud so your CPU is not taxed.

OK, I have all of that. How do I join someone’s stream as a guest?

The host will send you an invitation to join their stream. Once you have accepted the invitation via the Guest Invite link:

  1. When prompted by your browser, please allow access to your camera and microphone for the stream you are about to join.

2.  Enter your name on the Guest Invite Onboarding page. Check your Audio / Video options for proper connection, as well as, Advanced Settings which will be available at the very bottom.

What if I don't want to show myself on stream?

As long as you set your Camera to No Video, you can upload a picture/avatar to show on stream instead.

Can I leave the broadcast at any time?

To leave the stream as a guest, press Leave in order for our servers to know when to stop your broadcast.

During a livestream what tools do guests have?

  • Adjust your video/audio settings
  • Screenshare (host required to share)
  • Mute yourself
  • Turn off camera
  • Stop the broadcast/Leave

What if I'm using Mac Catalina?

  • For Mac users, head to your System Preferences and under Privacy,
  • Add Chrome or your preferred browser to Screen Recording (You may be required to restart your browser. Please do this before accepting a guest invitation to join a livestream.)
  • Logitech camera
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Stable internet/ethernet connection

We are always looking to add more guest features. If you have any ideas for guest feature additions you would love for us to include, please send us your feedback at, [email protected] You can also send us a chat message by pressing the Need Help? link found at the bottom of our homepage. Thank you!