Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome (PC/Mac/Android) or Safari (iOS)

Additional Browsers Supported: Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, or Microsoft Edge (PC)

How To Accept a Guest Invitation

The host will send you an invitation to join their live stream via URL. Please copy & paste your invitation URL on a new Chrome browser window (PC/Mac/Android) or Safari browser window (iOS):

* If you click/tap the link via mobile or through any messenger service, you may not be able to join the invitation link successfully.
If you use VPN extensions, please disable them and refresh your browser before accepting a guest invitation.

1. When prompted, your browser will ask for your permission to Allow Mellon to access your camera & microphone. Please accept.

2.  Enter the name you wish to show on the live stream in the box provided. Select your Camera, Microphone, and Speaker options appropriately.

Advanced Settings available for Echo Cancellation, Video Resolution, Mic Volume Adjust, or Stereo Audio.

3.  If you do not wish to show your camera on the live stream, select the 'Camera: No Video' option. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom to upload an image to display instead as your Stream Avatar.

How To End The Stream

When you are done with your part of the live stream please:

  1. Press the Leave button from your Melon Studio. You will receive a displayed notification that Melon is Finishing up your recording... Please wait until you receive a 'Recording Complete' notification in order to close your browser window safely.
*Press the Leave button to ping Melon servers to recognize that you're done live streaming.

Screen Sharing (Mac)

If you wish to screen share during a livestream, please open your browser settings to set up Screen Recording before accepting an invitation.

1. From your System Settings, press Privacy & Security and scroll to Screen Recording.

2. From your Screen Recording page, toggle on or press the + sign to add your preferred browser. (Chrome recommended)

For good measure, please Relaunch your browser with the adjusted saved settings if prompted to.

We are always looking to add more guest features. If you would like us to include additional guest features, please send us your suggestions at, [email protected]. Thank you!

The Melon Team🍉