In this tutorial guide, we’ll walk you through how to stream to Facebook Groups. Facebook requires adding Melon app to each group you want to broadcast to. Let's get started.

Step 1: Go to your Melon studio.

Step 2: Click on Go live.

Step 3: Choose the Facebook groups you would like to broadcast to.

choose group

Step 4: You will see a notice to verify if Melon has been added to your group. Click the link to verify. This will take you to Facebook.

click to add

Step 5: Search for Melon in the Apps directory. Click on add to add it. If you cannot find it, it means it has been added already. Follow Step 7 to make sure that is the case.

searh in group apps

Step 6: You have now added Melon to your Facebook group. Come back here and press Next to go live!

Step 7: To verify, you can navigate to your group page > Group apps and you should see Melon added to your group.

verify app added

That’s it! Enjoy and happy streaming.