Also known as Autocue is broadly used during newscasts and/or televised events. Just read the text on-screen in order to sound like a natural and exude professionalism. Add up to 20 teleprompters for your live stream show.  

  • Teleprompter Setup
  • Teleprompter Control Panel

Teleprompter Setup

*Available for desktop/mobile devices.

1. Click the Text button located on the right side of your studio.

2. Locate the Teleprompter section and click Add New.

3. Mouse over your teleprompter and click Show to preview on your main canvas or the pencil icon to edit.

Character limit: 2000 per teleprompter

Teleprompter Control Panel

On your main canvas, you will see three control options on-screen to:

1. Hide / Show - Hide the text from the screen or show the text.

2. Play / Pause - Stop the text from scrolling on-screen; this is useful if you want to expand on a topic or respond to questions from the chat.

3. Speed control - Adjust how fast your script scrolls on-screen. Set to 0.5 by default