How to deal with burnout as livestreamers and content creators

4 ideas for how to deal with burnout as a livestreamer and content creator. How to avoid burnout and stay balanced

How to deal with burnout as livestreamers and content creators
Photo by Christian Erfurt / Unsplash

Streaming can be a lot. To the untrained eye, it would appear as though you are just clicking the Go Live button, talking into a camera and that’s the end of it. What non-streamers don’t understand is that what they see is only a small portion of all the things you as a creator have to manage. You have to be an editor, brand ambassador, community manager, your own tech support, and self therapist, along with all your other responsibilities. Like I said it's a lot, and burnout can set in faster than you think.

As a streamer, we all reach a point where we all hit the proverbial wall. So what are some ways to combat burnout? Here are 4 ideas:

1/ Make a schedule

  • Seems simple right? How could making a schedule solve my problem? In short it can’t but it CAN help. Let me explain. Creating a schedule for creating content that schedules time when to work on your content (mainly external content such as marketing, brand awareness, and social media) and outside of those times you step away to do other tasks.
  • This way you can give 100% focus to those things during those time frames and outside of that you can focus on your mental health

2/ Stream something that you enjoy

  • Finding that the topic or content you are streaming is becoming a bit mundane or boring to you? Maybe spice it up a bit by streaming something or discussing a topic that actually brings you joy!
  • This can reinvigorate your motivation and it's easy to be engaged in talking about things you love!

3/ Take a break

  • Taking time off from making content is scary, I know, but I can tell you from experience if your mind is not into it will result in streams you are not proud of and your viewers will definitely pick up on this. Never force yourself to create content.
  • Remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself and that your viewers will understand.

4/ Be honest with yourself.

  • Are you burning out because you are doing too much?
  • Or is it that you are not getting enough rest? Be honest with yourself! Remember taking care of yourself is #1 priority. Invest time in personal health. Make sure you drink water and spend some time outside

As always these are just suggestions, and you can take these with a grain of salt. Everyone is different and we all have our own challenges, but we are confident you will figure it out and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Happy streaming!